At the foundation of my craft I believe in acting as an art form centered around ongoing self-discovery and a willingness to invite others into life’s dark, light and gray spaces. My continuous exploration of the craft of acting goes hand in hand with constant evolution, allowing me to dive deep into the range of human emotion. 

I was born in the Ukraine, where my passion for theater was set ablaze. At the age of ten I was cast as a medieval witch in Goethe’s play Walpurgis Night, which is when I got “bitten by the acting bug.” It was on that stage that I was able to connect with my expressive self and fully revel in the freedom of bringing such vibrant characters to life. Maybe I was just yearning for a chance to be loud and have fun without breaking the rules, but my life was never the same after.

I gained big part of my life experience by traveling and discovering different cultures around the globe. Europe happened to be the starting point of my journey, where I expanded my horizons and learned about the world outside of my home country. Living in Germany for over a year allowed me to familiarize myself with another culture in great depth, which had opened my eyes to more similarities than differences that we humans possess amongst each other.

Shortly after moving to the United States I attended DePaul University, and moved to LA immediately after graduating to start my acting career. I trained with some of the most prominent acting teachers and learned how to access my truth and awaken my individual voice. This led me to a better understanding of my instrument as an actor allowing me to access and create authentic realties for every character I portray.