Fearless vocalist, musical storyteller and hip-hop artist REIGNBOW unleashes vivid tracks that cast a bright light on life’s vital truths and passions, surging through contagious melodies, sophisticated rhymes and groove-heavy beats. Each of her songs mingles hip-hop, pop and R&B, blending danceable rhythms, lush instrumentals and poetic, playful lyrics heightened by flowing harmonies and her otherworldly voice. Her layered, dynamic recordings and spiritual live performances invite audiences to dive into and rise up from the moody, death-defying depths of human emotion. 

Since her recorded debut in 2015, REIGNBOW has released a series of soul-searching singles filled with edifying messages about love, heartbreak, joy, self-discovery and freedom. Her electrifying body of work shows her ability to deliver her own personal perspectives by drawing directly from the powerful vitality of words and music. 

A long-time lover of pouring out the content of her heart through music and the Arts, REIGNBOW was born in the Ukraine as Janet Roth and was set aflame by the words floating in her head when she wrote her first love song at 14. She began writing poems and rhymes in multiple languages as a means to entertain herself, escape and feed her need to play with language by pushing beyond its traditional boundaries. After graduating from DePaul University in Chicago, REIGNBOW moved to L.A. and devoted herself to a career in the performing arts and music. Inspired by master rap and hip-hop wordsmiths Eminem and Lil Wayne, wise folk soothsayer Leonard Cohen and fierce, soulful female voices like Mirelle Mathieu, Aretha Franklin and Amy Winehouse, her songs illuminate epiphanies about her evolution as a woman and an artist and her belief in words as both miracles and weapons that offer insight into an imaginative and consuming inner world.

Since making her recorded debut in 2016, she has released singles including “Private Party” and “Lights & Sirens” (featuring Guido Sinatra and Dr. Seduce), “America Russia Ukraine,” “You Did It Again” and “Just Another Life.” REIGNBOW also collaborated with hip-hop artist Dragon-fly on several uplifting songs, “The Fight Song” and “Power Is Mine,” which revolves around the human desire to rise up from pain, move on from the past and shine in the brilliant light of a new day.